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Sexuality is the term that some people have accepted and can talk about, but there are a huge set of people who gave some extremely shocking impressions even when they just hear the term. The modern world gives a more liberated and free life to the individuals on paper or in just constitutional documents. However, society still makes the reality with their way of behaving and reacting to any situations.

Sexuality And Its Different Variations

There are different variants of sexuality as there are variants of other things in society. Although the modern generation chooses sexuality of their own if we think in a certain way that the society accepts, or things is there, then the most widely accepted ones are:

  • Homosexual
  • Heterosexual
  • Bisexual
  • Asexual
  • Pansexual

It is all known in the modern era that these are the widely recognized ones. Still, the modern and the new generation make and choose their way. The list is limited to these five in the present world, but more types are getting identified and getting popularity. It is also widely known that people like to avoid or they usually do not want to specify or label to keep themselves free from societal constraints and be themselves only. It is what one has to do to avoid the pressure from the side of present world society. Apart from that, even if there is no societal pressure and you wish to check upon your sexuality, how do you do that?

Since modern society is more open and wants to know things more about the matter concerned, one can get the help of the modern sexuality quiz made in the widely accepted types of sexuality.

The Quiz And More

Leaving the matter of including all other minor titles, the creator has made it more of an acceptable quiz to all generations throughout the world to let people choose according to their wants and needs. In this quiz, the creator has accepted a wide variety of orientations. Some of the shortlisted, unusual, and interesting sexualities that the author have included are:

  • Autosexual

This is the term which most of the readers have not heard yet. Autosexuals are those who take satisfaction and pleasure in their image. Such kind of people gets gratified sexually from looking at their own body.

  • Pomosexual

The modernized gen wants and knows how to make their way. The modern generation does not want to get a specified label for themselves; they want a more free and boundless treatment towards their orientations. They have made their way and got their specification, i.e. homosexual. On the other hand, pomosexuals do not want themselves to be constrained and want to be free from all labels given by society; they make their way.

  • Demisexual

There are more new kinds of sexuality given light by the creator, amongst which demisexuals are the ones. Although it is quite complex to grasp easily, their presence has them the importance in the world of modern sexuality. Demisexuals are identified as those who are or can be sexually aroused or attracted only in certain conditions or circumstances. The most common criteria of being in this group is a deep feeling of romantic relationship with someone. Some individuals call or consider it as common sense, yet it is all known that they are unable to be attracted sexually by any other individual otherwise.

  • Gray Romantic

Grey romantics are of a more romantic orientation rather than sexual orientation. It all lies in between aromatic and romantic. Here aromatic describes any individual who does not develop any romantic attraction. These individuals can still be in a relationship that is not romantically based.

All these new yet present orientations in the society that the sexuality quiz creator has discovered so far. One must explore and understand the field in the right manner to respect every respective orientation present in society. Also, it is quite important and in the present world is obvious to respect the orientation of any individual since it is their free and own choice as the life which they are living belongs to them and has to be respected from the counterparts. Happy living to all while exploring and enjoying every aspect of your life.

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