Why do people love anime series?

Anime is derived from the word of animation. Everyone in the world will be addicted to different characters in the story. Some will assume themselves as their favorite anime and act according to it while seeing their perfection of play we to doubt that they are real or reel. They will wear the same kind of dresses too; this anime will come in the comic books and their characters will always different. We can’t see two characters are having the same kind of play and each comic will be unique. Some may be comedians, heroes, villains, helpers, or even fun actors too. Each will like different roles; it will be mostly based on their real-life characteristic. While reading their favorite character in the comic or watching the movie, they will become a part of the story and feel immense happiness in them. The anime characters are famous all around the world, many people love them from their heart.

Who all get interested in their character play?

All people love to be a part of anime. There is no age difference or gender difference, the only thing is each will have a unique choice. From the kid to old people love the anime role because they get a love bond to it. The anime characters are present from a long time ago; it is not famous at the present. In the past, people will see the anime characters in the book, they will love to read comic books and most people have this habit. It is the best time passing ever, some books will come as series and others will contain the complete story. The anime picture will be something different and colorful; mostly they will wear historical dresses and follows the traditional look according to their country’s culture. Later on, the people begin to take it as films and cartoons, to attract the people more towards it. Watching the movie with their favorite anime acting on it will the best feeling ever and some will repeat to watch it continue the way.

What are the different types of anime we have in the quiz?

There are many anime presents, but only a few characters are famous among people. So the anime quiz is designed based on it. They are,

  • Shonen: this is the most popular anime and love for many teenage boys. From past to present, shonen has special welcome among people and media fame too.
  • Shojo: this anime is famous among teenage girls; this character will be attractive and young with a heroic look. He will be brave and face all situations without fear.
  • Seinen: this character will be chosen by many adult boys because she will be lovely to see and sexy too. The loving intimacy will attract many adults towards her.
  • Josei: this is for adult girls and it is designed according to the brave character girls. These stories will explain the girl’s powers a lot and show their daily struggles.
  • Kodomo: it is mainly designed for the kids. Even kids also fan to the anime tale and they are more addicted to the anime stories. The characters will be toys, so many kids get to bond with them and are part of the game.

How to play the anime quiz?

All can imagine themselves as their favorite anime but no one knows what their real characteristic replicates. To know, what kind of anime exactly suits us, we can go for an anime quiz. Here are some questions that will be framed according to the analyzing method. Each question will bring out their inner feeling and how much they know about each character. The comic lovers will not read only the favorite story but also eager to know, what kind of anime present in other stories too, so they will be aware of many characters. That’s why answering the question will be easy for them and they will answer it based on their knowledge. Here 20 questions with multiple answers are given; we need to choose one option. After completing all, the result will be displayed; it shows which character suits us more than our imagination character. All comic lovers will choose this anime quiz to know their exact anime characters.

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