Getting Plumper Lips Using Dermal Fillers Skin Treatment Procedures

Over some time, the visible signs of facial aging start to occur due to prolonged exposure to sun, lifestyle, and heredity. The first and foremost sign of aging is loss of facial richness and formation of wrinkles. Injectable fillers are very beneficial in softening the facial wrinkles and lines and restoring the fullness and volume of the face. The injection therapy is right for you if you want to get rid of the lines on your face or want to restore your facial charm. These dermal fillers’ skin treatment procedures can provide the following:

1. It can plump your thin lips.

2. It can enhance shallow facial lines

3. It can soften the facial wrinkles and creases

4. It also helps in improving the appearance of buried scars.

However, dermal fillers are not responsible for stopping the aging process. If you want to give yourself a facelift there are many options but it definitely will not stop your aging process skin treatment procedures  .

Different Types of Dermal Fillers for Lips

If you wish to get your thin lips made plumper then you can undergo any of the following dermal fillers.

  1.  Collagen: A naturally occurring protein in the human body, Collagen supports your skin.

The injectable collagen formula is formed from the dermis of an individual. This collagen is inserted into your lips to give them the plump look.

2. Hyaluronic Acid: This substance is also naturally found in the human body. If you lack hyaluronic acid then you may have certain skin deformities. The hyaluronic acid can be used to augment your lips and also fill in the facial lines. It may also be apt for treating wrinkles or concave scars.

3. Hydroxylapatite: This is naturally present in the human bones in a gel-like formation. This substance is usually required to fill in deeper lines like frown lines, nasolabial folds, etc., and is also known to plump your lips.

4. Human Fat: Human fat can be taken from your own body to fill in the shallow contour lines and give your face volume and fullness.

Steps Involved in Lip Augmentation

The following are the steps involved in lip augmentation:

· Step I: The plastic surgeon handling your case would first carefully evaluate your skin tone and facial appearance. He will also examine those areas on your face that needs augmentation with the dermal fillers.

· Step II: He will mark strategic points on your face as guidelines for apt injection sites for the filler.

· Step III: Once the guidelines are marked, he will then clean the injection sites with an antibacterial agent along with a numbing agent for those who are sensitive.

· Step IV: The dermal fillers will take only a few moments on a particular site and the course of treatment is just a few minutes.

· Step V: Once the dermal fillers have been injected, the surgeon shall clean the area and ice it to minimize any minor or temporary discomfort. Pressure shouldn’t be applied to the treatment area and thus makeup shall be carefully re-applied.

Lip augmentation requires you to take multiple dermal filler injections to distribute the filler for a fully enhanced lip and also to raise a vermillion border or cupid’s bow. The fact cannot be denied that to lower the pain, an anesthetic is administered to the patient but it may also be the cause of issues for some individuals who are allergic to it or may even have nerve damage because of the same. Hence both men and women should go for these operations by getting fully informed in each and every aspect of it. Patients are well aware that they are more prone to suffer risks and complications as a result of their diseases.

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