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The historic town of Silverton, which once served as a silver mining settlement, has a thriving local population. It is also renowned for being a paradise for outdoor enjoyment in the winter and summer. Hotel in Silverton Colorado is situated among the state’s hardest mountains, so it draws an adventurous audience. Both the locals and the passing tourists enjoy being outside. You can discover the type of lodging you prefer in the town, which has numerous upscale hotels with different pricing and styles. And even while Silverton sees more visitors in the summer, the winter season is still a secret treasure.

Families at Kendall Mountain Recreation Area will savor the straightforward and inexpensive wintertime entertainment. It has a ski slope, an ice skating rink, and a Nordic center. Or skilled snow hounds can ride Silverton Mountain, the state’s most distinctive ski area. In the summer, many people travel from Durango to Silverton on the Durango & Silverton Train, one of the gorgeous narrow gauge trains in the West! The Alpine Loop, one of the state’s most treacherous picturesque byways, is another seasonal alternative. This route, which opens in late May or early June, requires a high-clearance 44. In the town, you can rent a Jeep. You stop at the One Stop Shop on your way up the Alpine Loop before you reach the scary stuff (no 4WD required).

Best Deals And Places

There is a lot to do in this town and county seat in San Juan County, as seen by the activities listed above. So let’s investigate the top lodging options in Silverton, Colorado. You can pick from quaint bed & breakfasts in the center of town, elegant hotels, charming lodges, and vacation properties near the San Juan National Forest. Begin with the Grand Imperial Hotel is one of the most popular hotels in the area because it is rich in history and charm. The interior was decorated in a Victorian style and finished in 1883. All 32 hotel guest rooms are on the second and third floors. The Grand Restaurant & Saloon, the foyer, and other amenities are on the ground floor.

The Triangle Motel is more open in its layout. It is situated on Greene Street and is reachable from all parts of the city. The rooms are tidy and cozy despite the somewhat outdated appearance. The motel has just undergone renovations, so the amenities are appropriate for any guest. Another feature of suites is a large living area with a couch that can accommodate roughly five people. The motel is another reasonable option in the area. Tourists can find their essential travel necessities at a convenience and gasoline store. A simple breakfast menu is also available, but the coffee is decent.

Other historical sites in Silverton include Eureka Lodge. Bob and Terri Brokering, the inn’s current owners, are preserving the lodge, which dates back to the 1920s. Originally a component of a mining complex, it was once a boarding hotel for miners. There are 17 rooms at the inn. A large kitchen on the bottom floor allows visitors and event organizers to prepare and arrange food. Catering is also available at the lodge. Because of the warm, inviting accent chairs and sofas placed against a wall of books in the lounge area, it is also a customer favorite.

In addition to being a popular venue for weddings and other events, the rustic lodge is also a favorite among tourists. The Teller House Hotel is located not far from Silverton’s central business district. It was given that name in honor of Henry Moore Teller, a lawyer, businessman, and politician who helped Silverton’s economy thrive. The Teller House was constructed in 1896 and renovated in 1997. Today, it provides charming lodging with 19th-century furnishings. The hotel’s meticulous attention to detail creates the illusion that you’ve stepped into a time machine. Because of Greene Street’s preservation, visitors feel transported back to Silverton’s thriving mining days.

Visitors can also tour the nearby former railroad depot, where silver dust from earlier visitors was once stored. Of course, some of the neighborhood saloons will take little bags of silver dust as payment.

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