Everything To Know About The Bitcoin Profit Calculator

In this changing world, the methods of investment and money management have also evolved. People have now started investing money in cryptocurrency along with the share market. The crypto market is on an all-time high and is providing huge benefits to investors around the world. There are several crypto exchanges, with each having a different value and purpose. The individuals must further investigate the market value and progress chart and finally invest their money in a suitable crypto exchange. Many times, it offers profits to the investors that can also be calculated. Bitcoin is among the cryptocurrencies that investors purchase, and they can also make use of the bitcoin profit calculator available on the internet.

What technology is used?

The bitcoin profit calculator works on blockchain technology, ensuring that they serve the investors with each investment’s accurate and analytical results. Besides, they also ensure that all the outcomes provided are unbiased. The coins are decentralized with Initial Coin offerings (ICOs) and true insights, deep analysis and high-quality outcomes on almost all the investments made in every country. The innovative technology also predicts the future amount of the cryptocurrency for bitcoin valuation and pricing in the market.

Working on the calculator

To use the calculator, the investors must enter the amount they are willing to invest, and the date invested they are invested on. These two main inputs determine the amount of profit or loss made. The final amount of profit is expressed in terms of US dollars and the percentage of Return of Investment (ROI). Besides, the bitcoin profit calculator offers a historic value of the cryptocurrency on the investment day to determine the exact bitcoin quantity at the price willing by the investors. It also ensures that the individuals make a significant profit on most of the days they invest in. It is made clear that this is not a mining calculator but solely a profit calculator.

What determines the value of bitcoin?

Several factors affect the bitcoin value. One of the reasons includes the significant and dynamic prices of bitcoin and the volatile effects of the market economy. Some other factors include the following:

  • Supply, demand and scarcity: the demand for bitcoin is high, and because of that, it has a high market price. It is the only reason people are investing in bitcoin, and it is equivalent to gold because it is also a scarce resource that people hold and invest in. Like gold, bitcoins are also sold to get cash, and the higher the demand is, the higher the bitcoin price is. 
  • Elasticity: bitcoins have a high price elasticity where a small drop in the price calls for hundreds of investors buying it. Thus, the market dip periods are followed by significant gains in the market because most people focus on capitalizing on the low prices and buy-in in large numbers.

Things to check on

While using the bitcoin profit calculator, the following points must be checked properly:

  • Opening in on a long position and exiting when the price is higher than the entry price in the final profit amount
  • Opening in on a long position and exiting when the price is lower than the entry price in the loss amount
  • Opening in on a short position and exiting when the price is higher than the entry price in the final loss amount
  • Opening in on a short position and exiting when the price is lower than the entry price in the profit amount

Besides, this calculator calculates both profits and losses easy and free of risk management for the individuals who have recently started trading in the crypto market. It is used as an alternative to the Bitmex calculator and is an apex calculator on the web that works for all the margin exchanges of trading in the crypto market. It is tested with all the major currencies, including the pairs of USD/BTC. It does not take into consideration any fees that are associated with trading online. Other information on input and outcome values is available on the internet for all the investors to have a good trading experience.

Thus, the bitcoin profit calculator is a useful online tool for bringing out the best investment and ensuring that it does good in the future.

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