Beating Neuropathy Using Light Therapy

Neuropathy is a painful condition to live with. Numbness and pain in the affected area make life harrowing for those suffering from this condition. Nerve damage is the villain. It is a chronic condition, and treatment up till now focused on mitigating symptoms by using pain relievers and pills. But what if there was another way? Know a way to get rid of the pain, or greatly reduce it, without having to swallow any pills or get any injections? We are talking about light therapy. It is non-invasive, non-surgical, and most of all, it works! Keep reading to know more about treating neuropathy using the Trifecta Light lipo LED.

How does Trifecta light help?

In the 1980s, NASA researched space and concluded that different wavelengths of light caused different reactions in the body. The most promising of these findings was the effect infrared red light had on the human body. 

Not only did it stimulate the cells to heal themselves by promoting healthy cell growth and function, but it also provides stimulus for the cells to repair themselves by promoting the production of collagen and elastin. 

How does Trifecta light work?

Trifecta light uses pads that emit infrared lights. The infrared photons increase circulation in the body and stimulate internal healing by reducing pain in the applied area. It does not produce any heat, discomfort, or other pains and side effects. 

Neuropathy is caused by nerve damage in the microscopic blood vessels in the hands and feet. This type of neuropathy, called peripheral neuropathy, is the most common form of the disease. When the Light Emitting Diode (LED) is applied to the affected area, it stimulates blood flow and energizes the capillaries to begin the cellular repair. 

What are the reviews of using Trifecta LED?

Most users who use Trifecta LED for treating neuropathy say they felt a slight tingling in their fingers, and some say it tickles. It then gradually gets warmer and soothing as the blood flow is eased back into the affected area. Depending on how widespread the nerve damage is, patients have different levels of response.

Those with minimal damage respond quickly, while those with more comprehensive neural issues will take longer. It differs from patient to patient. 

But it works. Users who go for this to treat neuropathy using the Trifecta Light lipo LED report a return to the normal sensory threshold within 30-60 days and a great reduction in pain and numbness in the area. Coupled with other treatments, like nutritional supplementation, you can be assured that you will return to your daily routine without neuropathy hampering you.

Neuropathy is a chronic disease, and patients live in constant pain for the rest of their lives. Treatments like Trifecta LED offer hope to them, as it is a non-invasive therapy with guaranteed results. Using infrared light, you can get the cure for your pain and get your normal life back, where the pain isn’t an issue anymore.

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