All about electric installation condition report – Costs, purpose, and more!

An electric installation condition report (EICR) is a must-have for residential and commercial establishments. It is generally an inspection of the complete electrical system, including its installation and condition. Keep reading to know about eicr cost, purpose, and benefits.

The need for eicr cost

There are several reasons why a homeowner would seek an EICR, and they are highly recommended in cases when verification of the safety of an electrical system is necessary. One of the most typical reasons for requesting an eicr is a rental property. An EICR is the simplest and least time-intensive technique for verifying that an electrical installation is safe.

An EICR is also advised in all domestic residences every ten years to verify the state of the electrical installation and ensure there is no degradation; however, there may be circumstances where an EICR is required more often. Typical explanations include:

  • The installation’s age (the older the installation, the more often an EICR should be carried out)
  • Property kind. For example, if the property had a swimming pool, the recommended period between EICRs is one year, but just the components of the system related to the pool would need to be assessed.
  • Environmental Factors
  • Installation misuse.
  • Change in domestic property utilization. It might be a change of occupancy in rental homes, or it could be that a property is being readied to sell or is being acquired. It is wise to get an EICR with each change of occupancy in rental homes to verify that the property remains electrically safe.

What is the eicr cost?

A skilled and competent individual best performs EICR testing. The eicr cost is determined by the selected company’s rates and the size and nature of the project. Further, the cost of commercial EICR testing varies the most due to how much the locations themselves differ in size.

What is the point of getting an EICR?

EICR testing has three advantages for companies, landlords, and homeowners:

  1. Safety

Above all, one wants their facility to be safe for people, whether they are employees, renters, or one and their families.

  1. Cost

Prevention is always preferable to treatment. A thorough electric installation condition analysis can identify any possible problems before they become significant difficulties. It might save one money in the long run by minimizing the number of reactive repair calls.

  1. Peace of mind

It isn’t easy to place a monetary value on peace of mind. With an EICR, one can be confident that the facility complies with the required electrical requirements, allowing one to focus on what they do best.

An electrician may make several electrical observations during an EICR and assign each one a recommendation code. The findings highlight a flaw or omission in the electrical installation. Each observation will be coded by the electricians based on its severity degree. The remarks will be published transparently and not used as a sales tool. If the buyer so desires, they will be able to obtain competitive quotations for the recommended tasks.

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