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What is the Friends of the Postal Banking campaign?

​Postal banking needs to reach critical mass in order to direct Congress -- and the U.S. Postal Service -- to act. We need a grassroots effort, which is why we are launching the Friends of Postal Banking campaign on Facebook and Twitter. Postal 
​banking is another of the many versions of public banking, but it's distinct enough to be separate. With new postal banking legislation in Congress, we think it's time to begin a grassroots effort to make the case to the American people for postal banking. 

What is the Friends of Public Banking campaign?

Public banking also needs to reach critical mass in order for the movement to succeed in establishing a state- or municipality-owned public bank. The nationwide Friends of Public Banking campaign is a coordinated social media approach using Facebook and Twitter as platforms for sharing educational and news videos and other media. Clear and purposeful actions will be identified that will help make you be as effective as possible as we -- together -- make the case for public banking. 

Postal Banking Works

Key points behind postal banking.

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