Growing Our Common Wealth

If You and/or Your Organization Believe That:

​ ​✓ Technological progress has (a) outstripped the capacity for both job-creation and conventional "economic growth," and (b) rendered it possible to overcome material scarcity for all.
✓ Our nation has been set back by a concerted, well-funded ideological attack on the commons, public services, and community autonomy.
✓ A convergence of policy innovations, social movements, and grass roots community empowerment offers the potential to build a material basis for real democracy.

...Then Let's Figure Out A Way To Partner

For decades, Wall Street and the super-rich have driven a well funded ideological attack on the commons, public services and community wealth. They pay off elected officials, rig the tax code and prey on people via mortgage fraud and debt traps. They shred the social safety net and pay workers poverty wages, leaving taxpayers to pick up the tab.
No wonder communities struggle, homes sit abandoned, police brutality abounds and people get demoralized. Corporate propaganda blames working families and even retirees — the targets of unrestrained corporate greed.
Still, a new economy is emerging. Technology and social organization make sustainable abundance possible. But this fragile hope will truly blossom only when public policy and grassroots action together force change.

Partner with Commonomics USA & ...

​✓  Influence ongoing discussion of leading edge economic solutions
✓  Build relationships with people defining the solidarity economy
✓  Participate in shaping economic briefs and policies

​That's why we're here. We're Commonomics USA.

Check Our Our New Video Lab Program

​Let's face it -- it's tough to develop effective messages for banking and economic justice policies. Making it accurate is one thing. Making it compelling and inspirational is something entirely different.

That's why we're using video to get our message out, and we're happy to provide this as a service to our Video Lab Partners. For more information, contact Marc Armstrong at

Video Lab Partners

​✓ Understand the importance of short videos with text for the 85% of people who watch videos without audio
​✓ Want to have a video with every message that needs to be told
​✓ Know that economic and banking policy matters require brilliant messaging
​✓ Pay low monthly fees for text to video video
✓ Wish to manage their videos using social media performance metrics