Growing Our Common Wealth
2015 Campaigns

Postal Banking Action:  #PostalBanking

Postal Banking Action - ​We’re launching a 2015 national campaign with postal labor unions and numerous other nonprofits. Our message: the "free market" stacks the deck against people in poverty. Time for affordable "public option" banking — injecting up to a trillion dollars each decade into lower-income communities at no cost to taxpayers. See announcement here.

99% Rising:  #99Rising

99% Rising - Rosie the Riveter joins the Solidarity Economy. Meet the social media campaign that will make a connection to all generations of Americans. Just as the GI Bill provided free education to returning GI's, a debt jubilee can abolish all student loan debt.

Less Wall Street:  #LessWallStreet

Less Wall Street - ​Millions of new jobs will result when states and cities get Wall Street's profiteering hands off public employee pension funds and municipal debt financing. Our social media campaign will arm you with facts and figures that make the case for Less Wall Street in your locale.

Same Side Now:  #SameSideNow

​Building sustainable communities with locally-controlled economies isn't a left-right issue. #SameSideNow demonstrates how people from all sides of the political spectrum can unite on both sustainability and fiscal responsibility--and come together to protect the commons and financially empower both communities and individuals.