Growing Our Common Wealth™

Commonomics USA

​Commonomics USA envisions a world where a Commons-based economy creates economic and ecological security for all.

We educate and advocate for the reclamation of the Commons from predatory capitalism and privatization, and build model law and policies that establish sustainable, economically just systems based in the Commons.

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Our Projects Include:

We also:
  • Provide Public Banking Workshops for people who have a role in public banking decision making. More information on public banking here. A comparison of public banks with private banks and credit unions is here.
  • Formed the Campaign for Postal Banking coalition with the four national postal unions.
  • Provide the breadth and history of Democratic Socialism in America, as explained in American Commons, a new board game by Commonomics USA.
  • Participated in the Federal Reserve System's Faster Payments Task Force (Spring, 2015 to 2017).
​Widespread myths about economics, especially capitalism and ‘free markets’ are a key source of bad policy, disempowerment of local communities, and the destruction of the Commons. We collect, disseminate and materialize stories that replace predatory capitalism with commonomics, a cooperative Commons-based economics.

We help articulate and create the new narrative. Our priorities include:
  • Ending privatization of the Commons.
  • Ending contrived scarcity due to austerity.
  • Ending the conflation of wealth with money.
  • Exposing classism and racism in policy.
  • Understanding the Commons as the fulfillment of security and human rights.
  • Furthering economic literacy and deliberation.
  • Localizing banking and other economic systems.

How To Participate:

The answers to these questions will dramatically impact you, your family, your community, and our nation, in years to come.
​​We invite you to learn more, join the conversation, and take action to protect the commons.